Introducing Numa

Give Your Service Team
SUPERHUMAN Responsiveness

A.I. Driven Communication Software
for Modern Service Departments

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"I love playing phone tag with my customers"

said no Service Advisor ever.

Response Times Drive Everything

Does your Service Department have high goals for responsiveness?

Numa is an A.I. Assistant that integrates seamlessly with your existing phone system.

Numa dramatically boosts your Advisors' ability to keep up with calls and texts while staying ahead of customers' needs.


100% Customers Answered

No more hold music. No more unanswered voicemails. In a world of DoorDash and Alexa, customers expect their lives to be on-demand and friction-free. Nobody wants to wait – least of all when they need something.

5x Faster RO Approvals

By keeping customers warm, updated, and connected with their Advisors, Numa delivers faster customer approvals – meaning a more efficient service lane, happier customers, and larger ROs.

16% Increase in Service CSI

Response times set the tone for all that follows. The number one driver of CSI scores is “time to respond”. Numa sets the gold standard for responsiveness – so every customer feels like they were the top priority.

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Trusted by the World's Leading Automotive Companies


“In CSI surveys and in the Service lane, Numa is knocking it out of the park.”

Cory Oldfather, Service Manager


"Within a week my advisors were saying, ‘This is exactly what we need. We have to have this.’”

Robert Migliaccio, Parts & Service Director


Boost Accountability & Visibility

Numa lets Service Managers know who is waiting, for how long, and measures each Advisor's responsiveness. Make Response Time your new management tool.

Maximize Advisor Productivity

Numa rescues Advisors from their phones, tracks status updates, and auto-answers customers' most common questions. Free Advisors to do what they do best: sell work and service vehicles.

Bonus: Reduce BDC Costs by 22%

Numa keeps status updates out of the BDC, encourages online appointment booking, and improves handoffs between teams – for a leaner, smarter Service BDC. 

"One of the smoothest software launches I've ever had"

Kerry Etienne, Service Director, Royal Nissan

Get Up and Running in 15 Minutes

Dead simple onboarding with no migrations, downtime, or new hardware. A cloud-based, consumer-like app experience that Advisors truly love.

Train 7 Service Advisors in 7 minutes! 

"So easy to use that it almost seems too good to be true."



"Both the software and the customer service team are top notch! It is a game changer."



Curious How Numa Works?

We're eager to share what we've learned with excellent auto dealers and groups

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Modern AI-Driven



Based Silicon Valley, Numa is backed by investors that include Google and DFJ.